Eleven Effective Tips To Improve And Boost Your Social Media Traffic.

Social media play a very important role to bring traffic on your blog, yet many bloggers fail to get more traffic from social media due to lack of tips.

Social media can be a huge source of traffic and this is possible by implementing useful tips and tricks as well as it additionally requires lots of hard work to see the good results. A great increment in social media traffic happens once you have interaction and build relationships with every network.

Here are 11 effective tips which help to improve your social media traffic:

1. Share Your post Routinely

When you begin sharing your post via social media, it’s essential to keep it up routinely and be consistent.  

2.Focus On Eye-Catching Post

Just like a human look more attractive with the nice dress your post look attractive with images or videos these things make your post more Eye-Catching which help to drive more traffic to your site. Content containing relevant images and videos get an incredible 94 percent more views in comparison to content without visuals.

3. Make Share Friendly Content.

Nowadays people are shifting towards mobile so your content must be more readable and simple to share.

4.Increase Engagement

To drive more social media traffic must focus on engagement because this is key to lots of traffic. So increase engagement by liking, commenting, sharing of other people’s post and updates and answering questions.

5.Provide Social Media Sharing Buttons

Must provide social media sharing buttons to each of your posts because it helps your reader to easily share your post on social without leaving the page and this is very helpful to boost your social media traffic.

6. Use hashtags

Hashtags play a very important role in social networks (Twitter, Google+, Facebook and so on). It helps to increase traffic by making your social updates more easily discoverable and help you contact new gatherings of people. Try to use 3 or fewer hashtags in per updates, an excessive number of them will put off a few people.

7.Create a Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page for your blog because it provides an additional subscription option for heavy Facebook users, and it can be a method for growing your platform. 

8. Start Joining Groups And Communities.

Start with creating your own group and after that join different groups that identify with your specialty. Before joining any groups make sure that people are engaging with that group constantly or not.

9.Schedule Your Post Timing

Schedule your posting time for your new updates because if you post at the perfect time during more people can see your updates and it helps you to get more traffic more engagement. Select different times for posting and study it properly at what times you get the most engagement and clicks. 

10. Try Different Social Networks

Join with several social networks then figure out which ones bring you the most traffic. When you get the result then start to give you more time and efforts where they are engaging.  

11.Focus On Your Post Title

Before sharing your post on social media make sure about your post title it should be catchy because on social network readers prefer to visit the link which has a unique and attractive title. 

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