Keywords Importance and Tips to Increase SEO Ranking

Keywords Importance and Tips to Increase SEO Ranking

SEO keywords are important words and phrases in your web content. This is the main elements of SEO which play a very important role to find your site through search engines by people. So it is necessary to use appropriate keywords to get more search engine traffic. This article helps you to understand keywords importance and how to properly implement keywords it in your content.

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Following are few Keywords tips which help you to increase your SEO ranking.

1.Keyword Basics and Structure

The keyword should be simple, unique, long tail and also relate to your topic. It should be something that people are looking for. There are many sites on the internet which help you find the keywords related to your page.  when people search on Google, it shows search result based on the keywords you define in it. The keyword should represent the content. They both must be in synch with other. Because if people don’t find what actually looking for they will not visit your page again and this reduce page ranking.

2.Meta Tags

You should add Keywords in the meta-tag, title and in your page link. Google bots or algorithm check these tags and link while searching and indexing page. Suppose my blog name is “Keywords Importance and Tips to Increase SEO Ranking” then my page link should also contain this keyword. You can also check my article link and title, I also used this to increase SEO ranking.

HTML Tags also help users to increase SEO ranking. One of them is <meta> tag. It contents the keywords for which your page response. Google bots search these <meta> tag keywords to search your page.

There are Header tags, which help you to increase your page ranking. Header tags are used for defining heading and subheading in your page. For describing title we general use <h1> tag and for sub-heading we use <h2>, <h3> tags. To understand more about header tags you can visit this link: “

3.Structure data

Writing the page in a proper manner. Explain the reason why this article for. This will help Google search engine to understand what your page or blog is about and improve chances to increase page ranking. Make your article or blog using these properties and the property notify by (*) is required.

Property Type Description
Heading* Text The headline or title of the article
Image* URL List, URLs or all images which are required in your page. The image must be of at least 160×90 pixels and at most 1920×1080 pixels. Image format can be .jpg, .png or .gif. All images must be crawlable and indexable.
Date* Date The Date and Time of the article then it gets published, in ISO 8601 format.
Description Text Short Description of the article
Article Body Text The actual body of an article
Subheading Text If required, please add sub-heading in the article

4.Keyword stuffing

I don’t recommend too much keyword stuffing because it’s not a good factor to increase ranking. You can do keyword stuffing but it should sound natural. It’s not like you keep on adding keyword where they are not required. It may loss reader interest while reading your article.

5.Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

LSI is a concept used by the search engine like Google to discover how a term and content work together to mean the same. In simple words when you search on google, it gives the suggestion or hints about the word you are looking for. It search of the content’s context and synonyms related to the keyword. This site helps to search LSI for the keyword or title you are looking for.

Keywords research tool

So these are some tips on Keyword which I generally use to increase SEO ranking of my blog. Increasing page ranking is not easy but by following these tips and technique you can increase your SEO ranking. Keywords are not the only factor to increase SEO ranking Linking, image optimization, backlinking and many other factors are used to increase SEO ranking.

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