These days many accidents take place on road because of the carelessness of the human being which may result in loss of life. People don’t follow the traffic rule. They don’t have the patience to wait for the signals.  Sometimes they drink and drive and cause an accident which may lead to death. Every year more than 2000 cases happen because people drink and drive. People don’t feel safe while crossing the road. There is a new driverless car on the market which is not controlled or drive by the human.
There are many questions arise when I first heard about this technology such as: is it safe, how it works, how it detects the signals and all these. 
Google is designing a new DRIVERLESS CAR or we can say SELF DRIVING CAR. It takes/drove two people from one place to another without any user interaction. There is no steering wheel, accelerator pedal, and no brakes, only two buttons are there, one to start the car and another big emergency button to stop the car. It is having ample space for luggage. In front of the passenger, there is a small screen which shows weather condition and speed of the car. Once the journey completed it will show a message on the screen “COLLECT YOUR BELONGING”.


Google designed this driverless car from scratch. The car has a combination of sensor and software which are highly designed. It has a GPS system to track the car location and cameras which take monitor around the car. It is also having laser technology which generates a detailed 3D map. The car combines these maps with the high-resolution map of the world, which produces a different type of data models that allow it to drive the car itself.  The software is design in such a way that can detect people, obstacle, traffic signals, road sign all around them. The car obeys all the traffic rules and drives slowly. It maintains the speed on the road. Its maximum speed is 25-50mph.
But this car is not ready for the market till now. Many tests are done in California, in and around Google headquarter. We cannot use this car during snow or heavy rain. It is tested on roads, mountains, and still, the testing is going on to reduce the bugs.
On February 14, 2016, during testing, there is an attempted to avoid sandbags which are blocking its path but it causes a problem and also blocks the way of the bus. Google tries to avoid such type of accident because this can cause a collision.

Design and Looks

If we talk about its looks/design, this car is damn cute and compact. The front is designed with a smiley face. The eyes are ‘highlights’ and nose is sensor and radar. Being a smart car, it is light in weight made up of polycarbonate. 

Expected Year To Launch

We are hoping this car will come in the market till 2020. It is a prediction that there will be around 5 million self-driving cars on the road. Many car companies such as BMW and Toyota launch first driverless car till 2021.     
This is a new phase of technology automatic cars, planes, fighters are designed to reduce human loss. Google believes that this driverless car will reduce the number of accidents on the road. This is a next-generation car. Now people will safe on the road. Such kind of invention is making the life of human safer and secure.  

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