New Era Technology : Cloud Computing

New Era Technology : Cloud Computing

Nowadays everyone is using the cloud in one or other way. It is very important it knows about its importance and benefit of it.
There is much meaning of cloud computing. The term “CLOUD” is used for the Internet. Cloud Computing means storing(saving), accessing and retrieving data on the internet. It is a collection of servers which provide remote access to data. Through Cloud computing, we can share computing resource rather than having a local server. It is a type of Internet-based computing where different services(storing, server, application) are delivered to an organization’s computer through the internet.

The most common example of cloud computing is Google, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. When you want to send any document, mail, what we need to do it write or attached the document and send it. The software management and storage of these things are managed by cloud service provider yahoo, google. It likes when you want to travel then book a seat for you why to buy the whole bus or train.

Cloud computing is a combination of various servers. These servers form a cluster which provides a place to store data. You can access this data from anywhere.
There is 3 type of cloud computing:

IaaS(Infrastructure as a service)

This is the lowest layer of cloud services. It includes services like storage and security. Amazon Web Services is an example of IaaS which include storage, virtual private server, database and support various services which are available on demand. Cloud-based VoIP(voice over internet protocol) and telephone service is another example of Iaas.

PaaS(platform as a service)

Paas provides a platform to the developer on which they can develop and deploy software. It basically helps the developer to develop an application, saving money and keep them free from the problem of managing server and database. It also helps in testing the application. It is built on the top of virtualization technology. Ex: Google app engine.

SaaS(Software as a service)

It is a topmost level/layer of cloud computing. It basically provides software or services to the user and you have to pay rent on the monthly or yearly basis. Some SaaS application is highly customized, generally, they don’t require special knowledge for day to day operation and maintenance.

Ex: Microsoft Office.



Advantages of cloud computing:

1.Worldwide access: If your document or data store then you can access it from any devices in any part of the world.This increased mobility, faster way to exchange information and increase productivity.
2. More storage: in the past years, we are dependent on local memory which is limited. If you run out of memory then you have to buy a USB drive to store. Cloud computing solved this problem. It increased memory as required. Google cloud provides 15GB free storage.
3. Automatic Updates: The cloud computing provider is responsible for providing updates, you just need to download them just like when a new feature is added on the hike or WhatsApp they send as an upgrade notice, like this cloud computing provider also do.
4. Reduced Cost: cloud computing is not expensive .you need not install software, it is there on the cloud you just need to use it. Various cloud computing application is free such a dropbox where you can store data in free. You pay for what you are using on the monthly or yearly basis and it is cost effective.

5.No management problem: if the server gets crushed then the data automatically copied on another data without any issue.


Disadvantages of cloud computing:

1.Security and privacy: when you are working in the cloud it means you are handling your data to the third party. The user from all over the world share the same cloud and can cause security issues. Hacker can hack your important data. Due to the virus, your important data get lost.
2.Internet Reliance: you always require internet access to use cloud computing is not always available everywhere. If you do not have an internet connection then you are not able to use data store on the cloud 
Finally, I conclude by saying that this is a new technology which becomes worldwide. It has some advantage and disadvantage as every technology has but the developer is working on its security issues.

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  1. So is it safe to write data in it ???? Which is the safest cloud to save out data

  2. Hello Shivangi it's based on your requirement. Google cloud is good as it provide many facilities to store data and it is free to use until some limits but it is not safe to store confidentiaal data on cloud like companies important documents.

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