The Internet provides the platform to explore. People write their thoughts, view, an idea on the topic and share with everyone. Posting article is a good and easy way to earn money. But for that also you have to increase traffic to your website. As a beginner, I always thoughts how to increase traffic on my page because every day thousands of people writing their article but traffic don’t increase because they don’t pay attention to SEO.
I thought of writing on the current topic or on the topic which is very interesting but I figure out some tips to increase traffic to my site. Here are a few tips which help to increase traffic on the page:


These are the words or phrases which user type on the search box as if  I want to search for “blogging tips” it will show me all the page which is related to that. But keywords should not be too long. It is essential to find an appropriate keyword. The length of the keywords should be less than 2% of your content. Giving long keyword to your post is not profitable nowadays because use its own search algorithm which doesn’t search article on the basis of your meta keyword. Highlighting main title, sub-title and making important words and phrases bold, underline, and italic also help in increasing traffic. Make sure your content is complete, concise, giving correct information. People don’t like to read a too long post. 
You all know that the search engine uses a combination of the algorithm to search. All we have to understand that algorithm and how they search the pages. There are some tools which help to search for keywords. These tools are as follow:
SEMRUSH: it’s an online tool which helps to find keywords. It’s a paid tool. It helps to find a unique keyword and also tell which keyword Is most used for the search.  
Keyword planner tool: it’s a Google tool which also helps to find suitable is free of cost.
Ahrefs: it works the same as SEMRUSH and it’s also a paid tool.
In my next post, I will tell you how to work with these tools

2)Using social media

Make the facebook page, twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your website. You can post an attractive title and image and attach your link to it so that interested people visit your post.

3)Internal link

Linking our previous post to the current post. The viewer can visit another post also and help to increase traffic to the website. Like we first write “Introduction to SEO” and now we are posting on “how SEO  increase traffic on the website “.if you want to read about how SEO works Visit our previous post.

4)Your page must be sure and easily loaded.

It doesn’t take much time to load otherwise people will not visit your post. One more interesting point in SEO is that if people switch from your page without spending much time on it, then it will give a negative impact to your post.

5)Clear URL

Your URL should be simple. People can search for it without and spell mistake. Like if your URL is like “” then people may forget underscore and will not able to visit your site. Keep it simple like “” or “”.
So I hope these tips help you to increase traffic to the post. I follow these tips and really these tips help me. Write a comment if these help you also send me other tips which you find useful 🙂

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  1. Jayce

    Look forward on the guides to use these tools. 🙂

  2. Jayce

    Social media like Facebook does not bring much traffic. Any idea how to improve it?

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