SMART CITIES: New Vision To Make Life Better

SMART CITIES: New Vision To Make Life Better

The smart cities have much different meaning. It is different from people to people, country to country. This is a new concept in India. This a vision of our prime minister Narendra Modi to provide a better and comfortable life to the people of India. 
Smart cities define as A city which uses digital technology and information & communication technologies (ICT) to provide better quality and performance.
As I studied some fact that every minute 20-30 people migrate from the rural area to cities in search of a better lifestyle and better livelihood. As per the statics/calculation till 2050, nearly 800 million people are expected to live in cities. To accommodate this massive growth in cities, the government have to plan in a smarter way. To make the cities smarter we have to use new technologies. We can see a small change in the mobile phone made a great change. Now people are using smartphones, which made their life easier. Now they can book cabs, tickets, pay their bills within a few minutes. For all this, we need a good internet connection.
The main area which makes the cities smarter are – smart health system, smart transportation, smart recycle and reuse of waste, smart energy management, water management, smart parking system.

Smart Health System

If we talk about smart health care, use of SKYPE or other video chatting software. Sometimes it is not possible to go to the hospital for every problem. People ignore them, though it’s a small problem when this problem becomes large and out of control they rush for a medical checkup but sometimes it’s too late. If doctors or medical adviser can treat them by giving instruction and cure of the disease it will be very beneficial and save time, money and life. If they find it is a critical problem then they can ask the patient to come for a check-up. 

Smart Transportation 

Smart transportation includes the construction of highways, road, and metro in the cities. We can see in Delhi Metro is a lifeline for people. More than  2,00,000 people travel in the metro every day. It saves time and money. I live in Delhi for the last 4 year and I really find the metro is a very helpful mean of transportation in Delhi. People don’t have to worry about traffic and all.

Smart Recycle and Reuse of Waste

Smart waste management reduces waste on dump yards. Use the sensor to detect whether the dump yard is filled or not. If the dump yard is completely filled, a notification will reach to municipality party and they can clean that. It is a simple and smarter way to keep the cities neat and clean. Municipality car doesn’t have to go every time to look that the dump yard is filled or not.

Smart Government  Application Management System 

We file our cases or application in a government office. It took a lot of time to process. We don’t know whether our application goes under processing or not. We keep on asking, it is done or not. Sometimes there is no record of your application. It might be lost. There is a smarter way to solve this. Nowadays web application is their and smartphones also made our life simple. The government can also launch their apps and websites where people can post their application/problems. There is always a track of application and people can track weather is application is passed or not. It is a smarter way to solve public problem easily.
Like this, there are many ways to make a city smarter. As per the calculation, currently 31% of Indian’s population in cities and generate 63% of the nation’s economic growth. Now imagine when 50% of the countries population live in cities, how rapidly the economic growth will increase.

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