SPYWARE: How To Prevent System From Spyware
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SPYWARE: How To Prevent System From Spyware


A computer is a common gadget which everyone uses. We install software or application from the internet. People save their personal information, photos, bank details in it, but what happen if something enters in your PC and steal your information and take advantage of it. As technology grows some crime also come into the picture. It’s better to be safe from these cybercrime activities and don’t ignore if some went wrong with your computer. Spyware is a kind of hacking technique only.


Spyware is a kind of malware (virus) which enter into the computer through without user knowledge and collect your private and public is used by a hacker in order to gain access to user computer to get personal information, banking details or online activities. Sometimes the access of your computer goes into other hands. It affects computer performance by redirecting web browser search, changing computer settings, reducing connection ability. It is hard to detect it. Spyware is classified into four categories: system monitor, trojans, adware and tracking cookies. It is mostly used for the purpose of tracking and storing user information without the knowledge of the user. It reduces your computer speed and us though it’s a hardware problem. From its name, it indicates SPY means keeping an eye on someone’s activities.


When you download software, games, movies, songs or when you open an email attachment it comes along with it. When the desired software is installed, the spyware also installs and start collection information.because of its secret nature, most people don’t know when spyware is there in their system. In some agreement, it is written that spyware is also installed along with this software but no one notices it. It also tracks your online activities. It collects user information and sends to the third party without the user’s knowledge. Keylogger is a kind of spyware that monitor your key stocks. Some spyware is designed in such a way that it is very difficult to uninstall(remove) and they enter in your computer. Some spyware cause disturbance in your computer and we are not able to understand. It mainly affects your privacy. It breaches the security issues.



There are few cases in which you can recognize spyware is there in your system 
1) New and unidentifiable icons will appear in the taskbar.
2) While search it may redirect to a different search engine.
3) The random error message will appear while you perform operations that were working fine previously. 


There are some ways to prevent your system from spyware
1) Ensure that your OS, browser, antivirus, and software have the latest updates.
2) Make the browser security and privacy at a high level. 
3) Don’t check pop-up ads.
4) Ignore unnecessary emails
5) Check software rating and comments before downloading it.
PLEASE read the agreement before installing any software, it might take some time but I will b safe for you. Your private information is not disclosed. Use anti-virus preventing software to protect your computer. Try to avoid them because prevention is always better than cure.                               

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