Ways To Make Money From The Blog Without Losing Traffic

Make Money From The Blog Without Losing Traffic

Writing the blog and make money from it, is a new way to make money but it’s not easy. It requires a lot and lots of patience, time, determination, regularity, strategy and capability to read, write and analysis. If you are a beginner in this field, you face problems in making money for you basic survival (Even I am facing).  You can also visit my previous blog “Eleven Successful And Easy Ways To Earn Money Online”. Here few ways to make money from the blog without losing traffic.

1. Advertising 

This is an easy way to earn money. Companies want to increase awareness about their product. They want people to know about their product. More the traffic, more the money you make but as I told you that “Google algorithms” are very much updated. If your page contains more advertisement and hides your contents, then it will lower your page rank. Don’t add many ads on your page because people visit your page to see content not ads. If the visitor doesn’t find relevant content instead they find many ads then he may not visit your page again and this will decrease your traffic. This is not good in long run.

Sponsored or underwritten posts: Companies pay you to write post or comment about them and their product. Some companies ask to write the reviews about their services and pay you for it.
It an easy way to earn but it’s not profitable until you have good traffic.

2. Affiliate Marketing

It’s like you promote product or service on your page. You have to create a unique affiliate id to link that product or service. This unique link tells the Owner that the product is purchased through your page. When someone clicks on the link through your page and buys product or service, you earn the commission. There are many affiliate programs you can join. Some of them which I recommend are:

Amazon Associates: an e-commerce site which is popular is good for marketing.

TripAdvisor: If you are a travel blogger then this is the best way to earn money. Many traveling sites will give you commission if a user clicks your link to visit their page. There are other traveling sites also which provide an affiliate link.

QuickHeal: This provides IT security solution with a well-integrated system which provides Internet security tools and Anti-virus Technology.

There are many more affiliate marketing sites. You can choose any site of your own choice.
This is approved by Google but makes share content and ads ratio. You should not many affiliate marketing link on the page.

3. Digital products

Different people have a different idea, a different topic to write a blog. If you a writing blog to any computer language then you can make an E-Course of it and either upload it on YouTube or can sell you course to different online training site like udemy, codecademy, skillshare etc. Likewise, if you write a blog on cooking recipes or traveling you can share your video and earn money from it. This will also increase the traffic on the blog also. We tried it in our Recycler View blog and get the positive result. You can also sell pictures over the internet.

4. Display Google AdSense on WordPress

Google AdSense is an easy way to earn money. You need to add a script to your blog or page from Google to display ads. You can visit “Google AdSense: Basic Introduction” to know more about it.

These are some ways to make money from the blog without losing traffic. While writing blog make sure your content is unique (no copy paste is allowed) because Google search engine decreases your page ranking. Focus on Keywords as I already told you this plays an important role in search your page.

If you guys know any other effective tips to make money through blog please share with us in the comments.


Ways To Make Money From The Blog Without Losing Traffic
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